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Projects Completed

Pathmark Associates Limited carried out a large number of projects under Government, Semi-Government, Private Sector and Donor Agencies.
So far, the company has executed 88 projects – 52 covering the whole of Bangladesh, 35 regionally within Bangladesh and 1 internationally (Bangkok) from 1986 to 2010.
The following number of projects were executed, in association with Pathmark Associates Limited, by the agencies shown below:
  1. GoB  - 50
  2. DANIDA-3
  3. Chittagong Port Authority - 3
  4. Directorate of Relief and Rehabilitation – 3
  5. Jatiya Granthakendra (National Book Center) - 3
  6. Rural Dev. Project-9 (RD-9)  - 3
  7. Mymensingh Aquaculture Extension Project – 2
  8. BSCIC-2
  9. UNDP – 1
10.  UN/ESCAP-1
11.  GTZ-1
12.  FBCCI-1
13.  Petrobangla -1
14.  LGED-1
15.  REB-1
16.  Mongla Port Authority-1
17.  BBS-1
18.  DWASA – 1
19.  Jamunan Multipurpose Bridge Authority-1
20.  Credit and Commerce Limited – 1
21.  Bangladesh Federation of Engineering Contractors – 1
22.  MEB Agro-Dairy Products Ltd.  – 1
23.  Enfants Du Monde (EDM) -1
24.  Directorate of Women Affairs – 1
25.  Jamuna Group, Dhaka -1
26.  Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (BISE), Rajshahi -1
27.  Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board (BMEB) – 1
The funding agencies and the number of projects they financed are indicated below:
  1. GoB – 21
  2. ADB – 17
  3. DANIDA – 6
  4. World Bank -6
  5. Euro Com -3
  6. Chittagong Port Authority – 3
  7. CIDA – 3
  8. ODA  (UK)  -2
  9. GTZ - 2
10.  UNDP – 2
11.  UN / ESCAP – 2
12.  NBC – 2
13.  Asia Foundation / World Bank  - 1
14.  ESCAP / ILO – 1
15.  Credit and Commerce Limited – 1
16.  Bangladesh Federation of Engineering Contractors – 1
17.  MEB Agro Dairy – 1
18.  BSCIC – 1
19.  UNICEF – 1
20.  Mongla Port Authority – 1
21.  ADB / UNDP – 1
22.  NORAD – 1
23.  Dutch Gov. – 1
24.  Jamuna Group – 1
25.  FBCCI – 1
26.  KFW - 1

Project Title

Service Provided

Executing Agency

Period of Work

1. Economic Planning and Development


A study on Strengthening of Planning Process in Bangladesh


An appraisal of the historical development of the planning process in relation to the attainment of the objectives and goals of the planned development efforts for use in Fourth Five Year Plan and Perspective Plan of Bangladesh


Planning Commission, GOB







Study on All Agricultural Crops


Studied National income including input‑output, capital output and investment ‑ employment ratios of agricultural crops for use in Fourth Five - Year Plan and  Perspective Plan of Bangladesh.


Planning Commission, GOB





2. Macro Economic Analysis and Management 


A Survey on Small-scale and Cottage Industries in Bangladesh


A country wide  survey was conducted on a representative sample of cottage industries throughout Bangladesh. The Production volume, sales, raw materials, personnel, fixed assets, duties and taxes paid etc. were investigated. An estimate was made on the value added by the Small and Cottage Industries subsector to the national economy in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics






Insurance Industry and Pension and Provident Fund Reform Project  (ADB TA No. 2915)

A team of consultants engaged in project implementation. The team included an insurance expert; pension and provident funds expert; actuary; and systems, organisation, and training experts. The team tried to recommend in creating an enabling, private sector oriented environment in the contractual saving sector, i.e. both insurance and provident funds, through a two-pronged approach.



Ministry of Finance, GOB




3. Education 

Training Academy for Judicial Officers/ Project Appraisal

Studied desirability of setting up a separate training Institute for Judicial Officers.

Ministry of Works, GOB





Survey of Higher Secondary Educational Institutions


Made intensive study into creating a system to provide data to implement policy reform in Higher Secondary Education to help improve decision making process and to enable continuous monitoring of the progress in the Higher Secondary Sector.


Ministry of Education, GOB.






Review and Appraisal of Non-Formal Education Project of Dhaka Ahsania Mission

This appraisal study reviewed the target and achievements of the Non-Formal Education Project of Dhaka Ahsania Mission in Borguna District. The study also set the parameters for second phase of the project.










Study on Evaluation of Satellite School Programme







The Government of Bangladesh introduced Satellite School Programme. These schools are 2 Class Schools.  The purpose of Satellite School is to bring out-of-school children of most disadvantageous areas to school.  A survey of 131 satellite schools and 131 mother schools spread all over Bangladesh was conducted, documents were studied and all the agencies concerned with the implementation of the programme from national to the school levels were interviewed. A report with recommendations on future course of action was submitted.


General Education Project, GOB





Book Publication System in Bangladesh : Problems and Solutions

Book Publication System in Bangladesh suffers from problems of quality printing, marketing, availability of materials etc.

A sample survey was conducted in cities and towns where there are quite a good number of publishers. Respondents were Publishers, Book Sellers, Binders, Authors, Buyers and Officials of some major libraries. The study identified problems of book publication in Bangladesh and suggested appropriate measures to solve the problems.

Jatiya Granthakendra (National Book Centre)





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