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Study on Services – Mode 4 Travel under the “Capacity Building of FBCCI” Project

The services rendered were:(i) Review of definition of  Mode-4  services by WTO, GATT; (ii)  Study of ILO’s international labour standards;  (iii) Identifying  short  comings  of  Mode-4;       (iv) Problems Bangladesh faces in supplying Mode-4 services through manpower export;      (v) Some suggestions on Standards Bangladesh should take on supply of services.







“Strengthening the Policy Formulation Capabilities of MOPT” under Bangladesh Telecommunication TA Project

The services provided were: (a) Project Management support for the MOPT and BTRC in implementation of the IDA funded credit, to ensure that the project is implemented within time schedule and project costs;  (b)  Transfer of know how in project implementation and procurement to the staff in MOPT and BTRC;  and  (c)  Support to high-level BTTB restructuring taskforce in activities required for making recommendations to the GOB.


Ministry of Post and Tele-communication, GoB




24. Relief and Rehabilitation 

National Seminar on "Evaluation of the ESCAP/ILO Non‑Farm Employment Promotion Project."

Organized and implemented one seminar jointly sponsored by the Directorate of Relief & Rehabilitation, ESCAP and ILO. The main objective of the seminar was to assess the gains and the lessons learnt from the current projects.


Director of Relief and Rehabilitation






25. Women in Development 

Research Studies in the Specified Areas for Assessing the Impact on the Society on Female Stipend Programme

Research studies were conducted to investigate the operational realities, community expectation and level of acceptance of the financial assistance provided to girl students. Measures to improve operational factors have been suggested.


Ministry of Education, GOB





Evaluation of the project “Community Based Services for the Poor Women and Children through NGO’s”

To study and report on the extent of success of the Project Programmes in attaining the objectives stated in the Project Document and the reason for failure in attaining the objectives. The Consultants Process Evaluation of the project through field survey with the help of questionnaires discussion with different categories of persons involved in the project implementation.


Directorate of Women Affairs





Design and Implementation of Pilot Scheme for Targeting Stipend Recipients under FSSAP

The main objective of this project was to spread education among the girls. Specifically it aimed at: (i) increasing number of girls enrolment in grades 6–10; (ii) increasing number of secondary education teacher; (iii) providing occupational skills training to school leaving girls; (iv) promoting supportive environment for girls education etc. In view of the objectives, the study consultants accomplished the task of (i) structuring suitable questionnaire; (ii) fielded survey teams in the sample thanas to collect useful data; (iii) prepared and submitted reports on dropout of grade five passed girls; and (iv) identified the role of guardians, parents, local elites to motivate girls ensuring their enrolment etc.


Ministry of Education,







Day Care Services for Children of Working Women


A Pilot Project with six Day Care Centres in areas with high concentration of women workers in Dhaka City was started under Ministry of Women's Affairs with financial assistance from DANIDA.  Pathmark Associates Limited conducted an Evaluation Study of the Project.









Impact Evaluation Study on the “Rural Women Employment Creation Project”

The services provided by the company were :  (i)  Assessment of the implementation status of the major components of the project;  (ii)  Assessment of the impact of skill development training imparted to the rural poor women in terms of self-confidence and self-employment;  (iii)  Assessment of the credit management under the project;  (iv)  Assessment of impact of the project on socio-economic status of the rural poor women;  and (v)  Identification o the strengths and weaknesses of the project.


IMED, Ministry of Planning, GoB








Evaluative Study on Socio-Economic Impact  of  the Female Secondary Education Stipend Project (FESP)

The study assessed (1) the project contribution to educational outcomes in the project thanas compared to neighboring non-project thanas, (2) the project contribution in terms of increasing female age of marriage; (3) the extent to which the project contributes to delaying first marriage, lowering fertility rate, birth spacing, health and nutritional status of children; (4) extent to which the project created employment opportunity; and (5) to what extent the project has contributed to improving social status of female.


Ministry of Education, GoB



26. SME Development 

Survey of Garments Industries under Textile Sector Study

The study aimed at ascertaining (i) present production capability; (ii) quantity of production; (iii) man-power involved; (iv) existing technological facilities; (5) training facilities exists; (6) future textile policy decisions etc. Pathmark participated in the study undertaken by Dr. Martelli Associates of Switzerland. Under the study the selected researchers collected relevant data from 80 garments factories of the country and submitted a report.

Ministry of Textile, GOB


Evaluation of "Development of Salt Industries in the Cox's Bazar Region" Project


The project's main activities are : (i) to increase production of Salt so that self sufficiency can be achieved  (ii) to determine optimum price of salt produced by farmers. The company conducted an evaluation study of the project.  Through the study strengths and weaknesses of salt production system were determined and courses of action were suggested to improve performance.

Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC)




27. Rural Electrification 


Survey on Rural Electrification


Analyze (i) the overall economic, financial and technical impacts of rural electrification programmes and (ii) the organizational, technical, operational and financial capability of the Rural Electrification Board, the agency executing the programme, and of the consumer-owned Electric Cooperatives.  A detailed investigation was made in some areas in which Rural Electrification Board (REB) provides electricity services.

Rural Electrification Board (REB)





28.  Local Government 



Action Plans based on SIFAD Task Force Report (BGD/90/022)


Draw up action plans based on the recommendations of the Task Force on Strengthening the Institutions for Food‑Assisted Development (SIFAD). The agencies covered in investigation were Planning Commission, Ministry of Relief and  Rehabilitation, Directorate of Relief and Rehabilitation, Local Government Engineering Division, Bangladesh Rural Development Board, Bangladesh Water Development Board.



ERD, Ministry of Finance, GOB.








29. Disaster Management 


Preparation of Model Action Plan of Disaster Management Bureau

The project aimed at preparing model disaster action plan covering the disaster prone districts, thana and union level through Disaster Management committee. An investigative study was conducted and to achieve the objectives the study group (i) prepared Disaster Action Plans; (ii) collected information/requirements needed for preparation of disaster action plan; (iii) conducted thorough survey covering the disaster-prone districts, thana and union; and (iv) developed day-wise work plan for the model plan preparation group.


Disaster Management Bureau, GoB





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