Rural Development and poverty Alleviation

  1. Action Plans based on Strengthening the Institutions for Food-Assisted Development(Funded by UNDP/Executed by ERD,Gob:1992-94)
  2. Evaluations of Expanded  Rural Social Services Project Phase-IV(GoB/RSS:1995)
  3. Survey on Rural Electrification (KfW/REB:1995-96) 
  4. Base Line Survey for the SERWTTCI Project(Dutch  Govt.BSCIC:1995-96)
  5. Management Audit of the Rural Social Services Programme(Govt. of Switzerland?EDM:1997-98)
  6. Evaluation of the project “Community Based service for the poor  Woman  & Children through NGO’s”(Gob/DWA:1997-98)