Support Staff

The company has its own pool of managers, investigators, research assistants, surveyors, data entry and word processing operators and other support staff. Pathmark maintains 3 different teams of experienced and trained Investigators and Field Surveyors for a) Socio-Economic, b) Technical and c) Education research, investigation and survey.

Highly Qualified Pool of Consultants

Pathmark Associates Limited has the distinctive advantage of maintaining a large panel of consultants and professionals. These highly acclaimed (both academically and professionally) experts have worked in their respective fields with outstanding success in Bangladesh and abroad.  The people in Pathmark management and the consultants and experts who are working with it bring many years of practical experience matched with outstanding success.

Special Emphasis on Human Resources Development

Pathmark is involved in a large number of human resource development and institutional strengthening projects in the education, health, rural and community development, poverty alleviation, women and youth sectors, and also in governance studies. To facilitate and successfully complete these projects

Pathmark has developed in-house HR capability with reputed and experienced professionals.

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